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What is Slack? How do I get on it?

Answers to these questions, and others, can be found oun our helpful Community page. This document is more about what our Slack can do once you're already on it! :)


We have a few channels to chat in:

  • #general - talk about whatever. there is no such thing as off-topic. if it's potentially triggering/TMI, though, please take it to a private conversation or a different channel (feel free to make a new one!)
  • #girldicktech - this channel is used for participants in our girldick.tech hack events
  • #help - this channel is meant to be on-topic for people who need help with girldick.hosting or general tech-related things. our team keep an eye on this channel, but we're not always around - if you feel you can help someone else, feel free to chip in! community support is key.
  • #pokemon - this channel is for talking about, well, Pokemon. Because Pokemon is apparently a staple for those who experience transmisogyny.

Feel free to add other channels to this list as they get added.


We've got a few cool commands and Slack integrations you can use:

  • Updates to our service status will be automatically posted to #help when we've updated it.
  • /gif [keywords] and /rif [keywords] - let you search for GIFs to post into your conversations in Slack - see SlashGIF for more info.
  • /xkcd [keywords] - lets you search for XKCD comics to post into your conversations in Slack - see XKCD for Slack for more info.
  • /helpme [email address; optional] [message] - if our team is not around, you can use this command to get in touch with us. you don't have to supply an email address - but if you do, we'll be able to reply by email. If you don't, we'll come and find you on Slack to discuss the issue. Note that your message to us will not be displayed publicly in Slack.

Feel free to suggest other plugins and such that we should add to our Slack and we'll see what we can do.

I have a problem with someone/something/etc.

Some of our team is present on Slack, and we can try to help you, or you can use the /helpme command and we'll try to come along and check it out. If you need to talk to one of our team, ping:

  • @kat
  • @drcable

You can also email us, as usual, on touch@girldick.hosting, or ping us on twitter. (please ping us on twitter, it’s hot)